Chubby Girls

Dating Chubby Girls

I love Chubby Girls. Hi, I’m, Al and I love Fatties.  I love all types of fatties, Asian fatties, curvy Hispanics, curvaceous Black girls and curvy white girls.  I’m an equal opportunity Fatty offender!  “More cushion for the pushin.”  Yes, “just more to love.”

Some hypocrites say, they don’t like fat girls, but they sure love to sleep with them.   Some guys change their words, and say they love a curvy or thicker girl.   I know chubby girls are more interesting to eat with.  As oppose to someone skinny, who doesn’t enjoy a burger and a good milk shake.   Also a cute fat girl can hold booze better.

In general the chat is so much more interesting. Also, chubby girls just look a whole lot more woman than slimmer girls.   A chubby girl friend appears more female and sensual.   It’s the curves that make a fat girl, a real woman!

It’s not easy being a Cute Fat Girl:

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It hard to be a BBW. Most cute fat girls prefer to have sex with the lights off.  Most Chubby girls cover themselves, as they get out of bed.  Some fat girls prefer not being on top.

Some men believe a cute fat girl is desperate, because they think they are not hot. The guy that gets rejected by the slim chicks, then goes after the curvy girls to get laid.   It’s not easy being a curvy girl.

History shows us, that the hourglass figure is the most sought after female trait. A fuller figure is believed to produce easier and better off-spring, based on evolutionary psychology.   No doubt the  stick-thin model  is in. Nevertheless, the thicker curvy girl is still very desirable.  It could be that the slim girl is most desirable in Anglo countries, but  the cute fat girl is more desirable around the world.

What does BBW mean?

What does bbw mean? BBW just means Big Beautiful Woman.

 BBW dating is the way to go for dating  chubby girls.  

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MenWhoLikeBigWomen.Com:  This BBW dating has 15,000 chubby girl, cute fat girl, als fattiesactive daily members.  They also have live dating advisors. A major site for BBW dating, and find that cute fat girl.   They state, “I recently decided to get back out in the dating world, but as an overweight lady, dating isn’t all that easy. I did, however, come across some very interesting people via bbw dating sites. With my excitement of meeting some of them peaked, I now needed to focus on a new wardrobe. Being overweight doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! It just takes is a little know-how and a healthy dose of confidence. Here are lots of tips I came across on how to dress well and get your confidence up if you are ….”